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August 2, 2011 / Ryan Robba

EA: Wii U will benefit FIFA

FIFA producer David Rutter has said that he’s already thinking of ways in which Wii U could benefit EA’s football series.

“I’ve got a few ideas about how Wii U will benefit FIFA,” Rutter revealed. “It’s certainly an exciting opportunity as far as hardware is concerned. It’s a pretty cool piece of kit. I’m looking forward to getting involved with it in some way, shape or form.”

However, Rutter is reluctant to share his ideas.

“I’m going to keep them under my hat, just because it would be foolhardy of me to suddenly start spouting a load of ideas for something that doesn’t necessarily exist yet. I don’t want to give everybody an idea of what we might be up to.”

So we’ll have to wait to discover the fruits of his ideas. In the meantime, FIFA 12 is coming to 3DS in October. You can discover more about the game by reading thisĀ FIFA 12 interview.

Do you have any ideas for a FIFA Wii U game?


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