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August 2, 2011 / Ryan Robba

Square Enix says “don’t write off” the Wii U

Julien Merceron, the worldwide technology director for Square Enix has said “don’t write off the console” in regards to the Wii U. It’s a bit of a general statement though. This was the elaboration…

For every console it’s the same thing: one of the most important things is going to be the launch line-up. We see that every time there’s a great title shipping on PSP, the PSP sales go up, and every time there’s a great title shipping on 3DS, the 3DS sales go up.

What I find a bit strange though is this statement:

They’re trying to do their own thing. Generally they don’t seem to look for breadth, in terms of the things [features] they are supporting with their console. They seem to be focusing a lot, and trying to make sure the things they are focusing on are going to be at the top.

I felt that’s the exact opposite to what the Wii U is trying to be, and that’s what worries me the most about it. It’s trying to do everything and be a system for everyone, which can be very tricky to handle in terms of marketing.

Merceron does outline Nintendo’s biggest advantage though in that “they have a lot of inner control of what they are doing. And there’s a lot of knowledge and skill behind it.”

It’s not an entirely original thought of course, Nintendo has always been a very independent company compared to Microsoft and Sony. But they do seem to be expanding beyond their comfort zone with the Wii U, which does have my curiosity piqued in how they handle the new territory.


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  1. Patrick Knols / Aug 3 2011 20:01

    if square enix want to help nintendo the only thing they can do to guarantee
    that te wii u will be succesfull by the hand of square is to bring the final fantasy and kingdom hearts serie too the wii u that is the only thing that they can do

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