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August 9, 2011 / Ryan Robba

Nintendo talks about the name of the Wii U

Katsuya Eguchi of Nintendo has explained the purpose behind including ‘Wii’ within the name of their new console, explaining that “there were also things [with Wii] that we weren’t able to accomplish with that system, that we would have liked to see in it. Wii U is kind of the natural progression in looking at what we did, how we changed gaming.”

He went on to say:

“This is the next logical step for us and we wanted to convey that in the name. in addition to that there are many Wii users out there – and we are very appreciative of this – who invested in lots of peripherals, such as more Remotes, balance boards, Classic Controllers, and they can continue to use these peripherals with Wii U as well. We wanted to make sure they understood that.”

I personally think that the Wii U could lead to confusion, where consumers may think of the system as a ‘Wii 1.5’ rather than a brand new system. This could hurt Nintendo’s sales and public recognition of the system, as seen with the 3DS, which also kept the DS branding.


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