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August 23, 2011 / Ryan Robba

THQ is “committed” to the Wii U

Many developers and publishers have showed at least a small degree of interest in Nintendo’s new Wii U console, next up is THQ, who had good things to say about the system.

Danny Bilson of THQ has said that, in reference to the Wii U, they are…

“…committed to that platform, so long as our developers find really interesting ways to use the controller so that it’s a unique experience and much more than a port.”

He specifically mentions Darksiders 2, which is expected to be a launch title, saying that the game “has a very deep loot and inventory system, and having that live and not having to click out of your screen is really a bonus in a game like that.” He’s clear that this is “just one really simple example” though.

Bilson also addresses the nature of just porting games over, explaining that will it could be very profitable to do just that, they’re “really looking to use it,” suggesting they want to work on original titles too. Let’s hope that happens.


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