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August 26, 2011 / Ryan Robba

Wii U to be released in June/July 2012?

The release date for Wii U has been rumoured about since it’s reveal back at E3 2011, however, Nintendo stated they will not officially announce it until next year. Despite this, a new set of rumours have popped up…

Lately, quite a few things seem to be pointing to a June/July 2012 release date. This began with the reveal that Darksiders 2 – a launch title for Wii U – would be released in June 2012.

Then DiRT for Wii U was listed to be released on the 20th of July – however this isn’t a launch title, so they system, according to Zavii (the ones who posted that release date) must be released before the 20th of July. Once again, June makes sense.

Finally, 01NET, a source for many accurate rumours lately, have some indications of a similar release period:

According to this report, stemming from 01net who have been reliable in the past, developers for the system are expecting the Wii U to be released in June 2012, which is consistent with their own speculation in the past. That said, there is still word that it could be delayed to September 2012.


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