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August 31, 2011 / Ryan Robba

Fatal Frame Team Working on 3DS Spinoff

The staff behind Fatal Frame is working on a Fatal Frame spinoff of sorts for 3DS, Famitsu reveals this week. The new game is titled Shinrei Shashin, or “Spirit Photo.”

With a name like that, you might suspect that the game makes heavy use of the 3DS camera. This is the case — except you’re apparently taking pictures of ghosts.

The game comes bundled with an item called “AR Notebook.” Based off the summary at Famitsu’s report at the Sinobi blog, it’s not clear what this item is exactly, but it is used heavily in the game.

Famitsu lists the following modes of play:

AR Story: Zero: Purple Diary
Working with a girl whom you brought out into the real world, you attempt to solve the mystery behind the cursed Purple Diary, represented by the AR Notebook item. (“Zero” is the Japanese name for the Fatal Frame series.)
Horror Notebook
A collection of mini games that use the AR Notebook item
Ghost Camera
A free photo mode where you take your “spirit picture” and pit it against other spirits (the faces of other people).

Famitsu lists the release time frame for Shinrei Shashin as TBA. Sinobi did not provide the game’s publisher.


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