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September 6, 2011 / Ryan Robba

Rumor: Nintendo’s next big title for the 3DS is a racing-brawler that is “way darker” than usual?

We’ve heard there is a big, first-party game in development for the 3DS. We may see it on September 13th when Nintendo holds their press conference to show off “new products” for the platform and there’s a rumor about what exactly it could be. First up, this is a rumor. It also stems from 4chan, which has leaked genuine information in the past, but because it is completely anonymous, it could be a bunch of nothingness too.

The rumor suggests that three new games are coming to the 3DS and will be shown off either at Nintendo’s event or during the Tokyo Game Show. The following games are mentioned:

  1. Monster Hunter Tri G, which has been a long-running rumor.
  2. Mach Rider Unchained, which is supposedly the new, major first-party title from Nintendo.
  3. Baten Kaitos: Silence of a Mechanized Son, which would make sense based on recent speculation.

The first and third games sort of speak for themselves. We’ve heard those rumors before, and this person may just be using them to help the credibility of the post. But, it’s the second game mentioned that’s the interesting one: Mach Rider Unchained. This is a new, original title from Nintendo, and supposedly:

The game looks like a racing-brawler and is way darker-looking than normal Nintendo fare. Will be released in 2012 and takes place in the year 2112. Has a very gritty look and is easily the most visually impressive game I’ve seen running on the 3DS hardware. Gameplay switches between vehicle chases/races and overly theatrical 3D on-foot gun fights.

And yeah, you can check out the source for a couple of extra details and an explanation of why this source should supposedly be trusted. But remember, this is a rumor. People are going to freak out or celebrate as if this is fact, but just wait until September 13th before you believe anything.


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