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September 7, 2011 / Ryan Robba

First Beyond the Labyrinth Gameplay Details

The veil has at long last come off of tri-Ace and Konami’s new 3DS RPG, Beyond the Labyrinth. Famitsu has a two page spread this week.

Beyond the Labyrinth was unveiled a few months back alongside tri-Ace’s new PSP RPG Frontier Gate. While Konami has been hyping up the PSP game, they’ve been pretty quite on the 3DS title, only sharing a few screenshots of a white-haired girl whom many believed to be the main character.

It turns out that the girl actually isn’t the main character. She’s the main character’s companion. The main character appears to be you — the player. Your goal is to reach the exit on the top floor of labyrinth. The girl accompanies you.

The genre for Beyond the Labyrinth is “3D Dungeon RPG.” As you explore the dungeon, the lower screen draws out a map for you.

You’ll encounter enemies along the way. Run into an enemy — they’re visible in advance — and the game will switch to battle mode. The battle system is a bit mysterious at present, but it seems as though you can have four members in your party.

Who those members are is also a mystery, as outside of enemies, the only character shown in Famitsu’s screenshots is the girl. The screenshots do clearly show a party of four, though, with the characters given generic names like “Konami.”

Despite a two page spread in Famitsu, much of Beyond the Labyrinth is still a mystery. The game will be going playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week, so we should get some clarification soon.


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