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September 7, 2011 / Ryan Robba

Nintendo confirms second circle pad attatchment

Nintendo has told Official Nintendo Magazine that it is planning to release a new Nintendo 3DS attachment which adds a second Circle Pad to your handheld.

Japanese magazine Famitsu carries a report on the device in its latest issue and now Nintendo has confirmed that the attachment is in the works.

A Nintendo spokesperson told ONM: “Nintendo does plan to release the attachment; further announcements/details will be made at a later date.”

According to Famitsu, Nintendo’s new first-party peripheral enables players to play Monster Hunter 3G with the second Circle Pad.

It’s called the Expansion Slide Pad and as you can see from this magazine scan, the 3DS will clip into the peripheral with the Circle Pad sitting to the right of the face buttons. In addition to the new Circle pad it has an L1 button.

According to Monster Hunter supervisor Ryozo Tsujimoto, the new add-on “provides a good grip on the system” and will be “a secret weapon which will allow you to play the game with the same feeling as playing Monster Hunter Tri on Wii”.

What do you think of this new Nintendo peripheral? Is it the new product that’s set to be announced at the Nintendo Conference on 13 September?


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