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September 13, 2011 / Ryan Robba

Nintendo 3DS press conference wrap-up

Missed Nintendo’s 3DS conference? Never mind, we have everything that was announced below…
  • A ton of Skyward Sword footage was shown.
  • Skyward Sword to have 50-100 hours of game play.
  • Video hint system, much like Ocarina of time 3DS.
  • Also second play-through and boss challenges.
  • Four Swords coming as free DL on September 28th
  • Skyward Sword coming to Japan 11/23 (little after NA)
  • Fortune Street on Dec 1 im Japan
  • Still working on Poke Park 2
  • Nintendo says 50 percent of DS owners were women. Announce pink 3DS for Oct 20th.
  • super Mario 3D Land on 11/3 in Japan
  • Mario Kart 12/7 in Japan
  • New Mario Tennis game announced for the 3DS.
  • Paper Mario still coming 2012
  • Animal Crossing coming 2012
  • Girls Mode game announced – It is what you think it is.
  • Old school looking soccer/football game announced for the 3DS.
  • New RPG card game called Culdcept.
  • New game announced, Omega Force, which looks to be a 4-player battle game.
  • Announced and shown, Bravely Default flying Fairy.. sequel to the 4 heroes of Light.
  • Gundam Generations 3D coming 12/22 in Japan.
  • Dragon Quest 3 coming Nov 2nd in Japan
  • Kid Icarus coming in January in Japan.
  • Monster Hunter 3D coming Coming december 10th in Japan.
  • 3DS eshop channel revamp will be coming.
  • Also a Street Pass update for those who finished the puzzle quest and the adventure game.
  • Monster Hunter 4 shown off!

This information came later.

  • 3DS Slide Pad will be coming to Japan December 10th
  • 1500 yen. (about $20)
  • Will use one AAA battery.
  • Mario Kart 7 will feature 8-player online, gyroscope controls, and friend list connectivity.
  • Animal Crossing- Update the outside of your house as well as the inside.

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