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September 17, 2011 / Ryan Robba

Capcom Refused To Let Inafune Complete Mega Man Legends 3

For those of you who are still upset over Mega Man Legends 3, there seems to be a lot more fuel to add to this fire. Strategies Japan seemed to have dug up some interesting quotes in an interview with from former Capcom head Keiji Inafune.

“So, I told them that I was going to found my own independent company and leave Capcom. However, I stated that I was ready to make a contract with them so that I could keep working on those projects that I started. I couldn’t start making contracts with other publishers for sure if Capcom agreed to the proposition, but I wanted to see those projects that I started to completion. But it couldn’t be done. They answered, ‘We have no need to do that.’”

“[I went to the trouble of]…Finding the right time, gathering the team members, planning strategies, all so we could barely start on Mega Man Legends 3. I really don’t want to quit at this crucial moment…but I can’t keep going at Capcom. I am too tired to keep going. I wanted to leave Capcom to recharge my energy, and support Capcom from there, but it seems they don’t allow it. I want to make all my effort to keep Legends 3 alive, but I’m really not sure I can do it.”

Wow. That is just really depressing to hear. Inafune himself wanted to take on the completion of Mega Man Legends 3 and Capcom refused? I really don’t think this is gonna sit too well with the fanbase who will never let Mega Man Legends die.


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