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May 30, 2012 / Ryan Robba

Wii U eBook capabilities confirmed?

Several months ago a rumour appeared stating that the Wii U would be capable of being used as an eBook reader. Now, rumours have re-emerged, this time with more conclusive proof.This info comes from the LinkedIn page of Evergeek Media…

‘Founded in 2000, Evergeek Media Inc. is a leading news syndicate providing consumer-technology news stories and product reviews to print and online publications everywhere. Serving such discerning clients as The Canadian Press, AOL, The Toronto Star, MSN, The South China Morning Post and the Rochester Post Bulletin, Evergeek Media’s article archive is updated daily, delivering press-ready copy and graphics through XML Web Services and other propriety methods. 

Designed to meet the growing demand for impartial coverage of digital lifestyle products and trends, from the Wii U to Facebook, Electric Vehicles to iPad2, Evergeek Media’s cost-effective content solution bridges the gap between mainstream media and the enthusiast press by providing a unique, independent voice backed by a wealth of knowledge, humanizing technology with information that is both entirely useful and fun to read. ‘

Seems fairly reliable in our opinion. Perhaps we’ll hear more at E3. This is certainly a feature we have been looking forward to as it means we may be able to read gaming magazines and walkthroughs, possibly whilst playing games if the multitasking rumours of the OS are true.

How important would this feature be to you? Share your opinions in the comments.



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  1. volgana / May 30 2012 20:24

    It would be a very very nice addition!

    Some people pay 200-300 dollars for a tablet just to enter the internet and read book and watch movies.

    To do those thing to a Nintendo console which it will be way better in graphics and games. Its just awesome!

    • Ninty15 / May 31 2012 13:13

      Agreed 🙂

      Would be such a money saver and a welcomed feature BUT I personally probably would not use it much…

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