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June 1, 2012 / Ryan Robba

Rumour: Blizzard working on two Wii U games?

A fascinating new rumour claims that at least one, but potentially two Wii U games are being developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the masterminds behind World of Warcraft.

The rumour claims: ‘Blizzard has two unannounced games in the works “that cannot [yet] be discussed” that are scheduled to be released by year’s end.’ The source later goes on to state that he is ‘confident that at least one of them is for Wii U, if not both’.

The tablet, touchscreen controller of the Wii U could prove to be very complimentary to the gameplay elements of Blizzard’s games including their MMOs and RTSs. Inventory screens could be shown on the tablet and the touch screen could be used to select and move units around in an RTS. These give some credibility to the rumour, which suggests that the most likely games to come to Wii U would be Starcraft 2 and or Diablo 3.

However, the rumour must be taken with a grain of salt. The source is a user from NeoGAF – they are sometimes accurate but tend to be incorrect when it comes to leaks and speculation. Find the original post which started the rumour here.


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  1. Spencer Nozell / Jun 1 2012 20:06

    well the Wii U’s handheld screen could be useful to have if Blizzard creates a game that requires a complex (for console’s standard). I do wonder if it will continue the Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo universe or will it be a completely separate story

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