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The Nintendo 3DS is the successor to the hugely popular Nintendo DS. It was released in early 2011, and is the first handheld console ever to give players the ability to view glasses-free 3D using a unique autosterioscopic technology, where by the system’s special LCD screen sends different images to each of your eyes, creating the illusion of a 3D image.  The console retains the DS’s popular dual screen layout – the bottom screen is a touch screen, and is normally used to display HUDs (which would normally take up space on the main screen), menus or quick-access inventory and map screens. The console comes packed with a gyro and accelerometer for motion controlled action (as seen on the Wii), a pedometer which counts your steps and rewards you the more you walk using in game tokens which can be used to purchase extra game content, a new analog circle pad for precision movement, a HOME button which can be used to pause a game, do something else on the system (e.g. browse the internet) and then return to the game exactly where you left off. The console also comes with a front facing camera that can be used to display pictures of yourself, or to track your face or motion (as seen in Kinect). The 3DS also has 2 back-facing cameras – these allow you to take full 3D pictures at a 0.3MP resolution. These cameras also allow for augmented reality games where by game characters and items appear to be brought out into the real world.




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