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The Nintendo DS is a handheld console released by Nintendo in 2004, and is the direct competitor of the Sony PSP. The Nintendo DS system is the first handheld console to ever incorporate two key features – the first is two screens. The DS is made in a ‘book’ fashion and can be opened and closed. When open, two screens are visible, one is the top screen, usually used for displaying the main game. The second screen at the bottom is normally used to display a menu, map of the level or mini-game. Theis second screen brings me on to the next unique feature of the DS – the touch screen. The touch screen allows for simple and intuitive gameplay mechanics as well as brand new gaming experiences that were simply not possible on other handheld devices at the time it was released. With the DS, Nintendo decided not to create a super powerful system, instead making a console around as powerful as the Nintendo 64, however they added many new features over it’s predecessor (the Gameboy Advance) such as online wireless connectivity.




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