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System Specifications

This page is dedicated to the system specifications of the Nintendo Wii. Please note that some of the fields will only be updated on a monthly basis (e.g. the units sold field).

Release Date: November 19th 2006
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Online Services: Nintendo Wi-Fi (free)
Backwards Compatibility: GameCube disc (all models)
Internal Storage Capacity: 512MB
Media: GameCube disc, Wii disc, DVD (with software add-on), SD card, SDHC card (up to 32GB)
Memory: 88MB (64MB system ram, 24MB video ram)
CPU speed: 729MHz (0.73GHz)
GPU speed: 243MHz (0.24GHz)
Maximum resolution: 480p / 576i
Units Sold: 95.4 million
Total Number of Games: 1143
Failure rate: 1% (after 3 years)
Price: $250 (at launch), $150 (now)


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